15 February 2017

7 February 2017


An opportunity for individuals in Transition looking for CWA and potential growth opportunity in a fast growing organisation.

 Objective of the Project
 Create a process to enable the organisation to automate the data take on and tagging of companies.
 This includes the following two high level activities:
 •     Automate the process for identifying the IT companies
 •      Review the current AI tool we are working with Activities We expect 
 that the following activities to be undertaken. However, there may be 
 further / alternative actions depending on the outcomes and findings 

6 February 2017


Little Troopers at School
Little Troopers at School is a new project from the charity Little Troopers to help empower both parents and schools when supporting the needs of service children in education settings. We want you to have easily accessible information set out in a way that can be understood and utilised to the greatest benefit.

The first stage of this project is the release of some free, easily accessible information sheets for both parents of service children and schools with service children attending covering various subject areas including;
  • Service Pupil Premium
  • Challenges service children may face
  • Moving schools
  • Affects of separation
  • Best practice
Little Troopers at School will grow throughout 2017 however we hope these information sheets will be a great starting point for you, as a parent or as a school setting.